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5 Easy Things Moms Should Do For Themselves

5 Easy Things Moms Should Do For Themselves
Being a mom is one of the most rewarding things in life, but it is also very demanding of us. If we don't take a few moments to ourselves we can get burnt out. Here are 5 Easy Things Moms Should Do For Themselves and when you are happy the whole fam is happy and thriving! 
1. Mediate for at least 5 minutes a day. Sit in complete silence (even if it's a closet) and take deep breathes. Tell yourself you are grateful for everything you do. You are capable of doing everything you want to that day and do it well. You are loving. You are patient. And no matter what you are an amazing mom. 
2. Schedule one hour minimum of babysitting a week. You be selfish with this time. Don't do chores. Do something that makes you feel like a million bucks! Get a blowout. Take a bath in silence. Read a book. Meet a friend for yoga class. You deserve at least one hour a week to not be a mom or a partner, but just be yourself!
3. Fresh air for 20 minutes a day. Take the kids for a walk. Is it raining? Get a rain jacket. It does wonders for our mental health to just breath fresh air and get out of the house!
4. Read something that fills your soul. Not a parenting book or a cookbook, but something that you are truly interested in and excites you! For me that's personal development books. For you that could be a crime novel. 
5. Sleep in once a week. If you have small children sleeping in might be a thing of the past. Talk to your partner or your family and figure out a day of the week you can sleep in and recharge! A tired mama isn't always a happy mama. I would know!  
Again you are doing amazing work raising amazing humans and you deserve some quality YOU TIME! 
XOXO, Minted Method