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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom

1. Feeding and sleep schedules are important, but so is being flexible.

I loved loved LOVED following the Babywise book feeding and sleep schedule, but also didn't make our lives revolve around it. If I was home we followed the schedule, but if I had plans or traveling my babies had to go with the flow. My babies fell asleep everywhere and they still can now that they are older!

2. Breastfeeding is not easy

Most of the time if you've seen someone breastfeeding, it's like thier 100th time at least. In the beginning it's very hard, frustrating, and it hurts... it's not for everyone. I chose to stick it out and I breastfed both my kids until one years old, but again it's not for everyone, so don't be too hard on yourself. Do what you feel is right for you and your babies.

3. You will not be able to sleep in for a long time

If you don't have kids yet or pregnant, enjoy sleeping in now... Unless you have grandma staying over, you won't be able to sleep in until little Johnny knows how to make toast on his own!

4. You have to fit in that YOU time

Some days just a bath alone or walking your dog alone can go a long way! Once your little ones are old enough I do recommend getting a hobby that's just yours. I workout and ride horses. Yours can be whatever you want, but make it YOURS.

5. You will have good days and bad days

I think this is pretty clear. If you had a good day, soak in it. Be grateful. If you had a bad day, know you can just hit reset and do better tomorrow. Be easy on yourself.

6. Sometimes your baby needs to cry

This is hardest with your first baby, but if you baby learns to self soothe, it's a blessing. I know it's so hard to listen to your baby cry, but just try setting a timer for 5 minutes to see if they can soothe themself. I learned this from the Babywise book series, I can't recommend those books enough!

7. Motherhood is different for everyone

I'll just say this, some people need to mind their own business and sometimes we need to mind our own business! haha! It can be hard, but every mom is doing what they think is best and we should try not to judge and show grace and kindness toward other mamas.

8. It's easy to loose yourself

I know that sound obvious, but you will be trying to be a good partner, mom, housecleaner, and cook that by the end of the day you will feel beat and like you lost yourself. This doesn't happen overnight, but it will catch up to you if you don't make time for yourself.

9. Don't neglect your child, but also don't give them too much attention

This is actually advice I got from my son's pediatrician! This ties into letting your child self sooth. I would also recommend having your child play by themselves for at least an hour when they are little. I always called it "quiet time". This sometimes would turn into my boys falling asleep, but as they get older and naps stop, it's really nice to stick to this!

10. Take any help offered to you

If you are like me, I always want to prove I can handle things and I don't need help, but I learned quick that help is just want I needed sometimes. If grandma wants to stop by and watch the baby, let her! Take a nap, go to the grocery store, or meet a friend for coffee. Just take the help!
XOXO - Sasha May
Founder of Minted Method