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Your Best Day As a Mom

Your Best Day As a Mom
We all know what our worst days as moms look like, but how often are you having your best days? Are you starting your day when your kids startle you awake or are you getting up a little early to have some time to yourself?


I don't think it matters if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, starting your day with some hot coffee and journaling can set up your day for success. Waking up 30 minutes to an hour before your kids can make a world of a difference!


I like to throw on a cozy sweatshirt and slippers after my alarm goes off (so I don't crawl back in bed) and head down stairs and start the coffee. I sit at my dinning room table with a note book and day planner and turn on some meditation music.


What does my day look like? Work schedule, kids schedule, time with my partner, time for myself... I like to keep a day planner I can write in, but you can also just make a quick list of things going on for the day. This should really only take a minute or two.


Then I like to journal about how my day will go. I take around five minutes to write like it's already the evening and I'm writing how my day went. If there is something happening that day that I might be worried about, I write as if it already happened and it went amazing!


Example: Today I took the dog to the vet with all four kids, it was an adventure! They all did great, we made a game of it and played I SPY while we waited in the lobby. People even complimented how well behaved the kids and our dog were!


Example: After a very productive work day, I came home and did Taco Tuesday with the fam. The kids wanted to watch the new movie on Disney+, so I took that time to take a very relaxing bath! I even lit a few candles and poured myself a glass on Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.


You get the idea I hope! I like to get very specific with the details and you will see, you will make these things happen... You will find yourself grabbing that exact bottle of wine with your taco groceries! It's amazing how much throughout the day you will remember what you wrote and how it changes how you see the day. You are happening to the day not the day happening to you.


Would love to hear how this helps you have better and better days mama!


XOXO - Sasha May

Founder of Minted Method