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Trucker Jacket- Dusty Pink
Trucker Jacket- Dusty Pink
Trucker Jacket- Dusty Pink
Trucker Jacket- Dusty Pink
Trucker Jacket- Dusty Pink
Trucker Jacket- Dusty Pink

Trucker Jacket- Dusty Pink

  • 2 Years
  • 3 Years
  • 4 Years


Inspired by 1990s vintage kids Denim jackets & our love of icons like Nirvana & the Seattle Music scene, Drew Barrymore, Brad Pitt, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp & iconic films Reality Bites, Empire Records & What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to name a few.

This Jacket is designed to replicate the looks & feel of those Vintage denim jackets. The fabric is heavy, durable, & made to wash, wear, repeat.


LAYLA  – 18 months old, wearing a Jacket in size 2yo, she could size up to the size 3yo for a more oversized look.

FABRIC:  Made from our new sustainable100% Cotton 10oz Denim using Recycled Cotton fibres.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia.


Delicate machine or hand wash with eco-friendly washing liquid. Remove metal trims before washing where possible.

SHADING - Please note due to the denim washing process some pieces may vary in shade & colour slightly.  The natural indigo dye used to make denim fades naturally with wash, wear & sun. Dry in the shade, remove metal trims before washing to avoid the trims breaking or damaging other items of clothing or fabrics during the wash cycle.

VINTAGE LOOK - Our designs are inspired by Vintage worn & loved kids denim from the 70s, 80s & 90s so some abrasions, small rips & imperfections may appear on the seams, hem lines, waistband or elastic seam edges after the heavy washing process.  The lighter the denim shade, the softer & more worn in the garment will be.  If you do not like this beaten up vintage look with small abrasions & faded seams, please check our Collection for Darker Blue denim wash styles for a cleaner look.  However, if you receive your purchase & find some small abrasions have become larger tears or holes please get in touch!  Your garment should look vintage inspired, but not fall apart!

RECYCLED COTTON - Due to the nature of our Recycled Cotton denims, contrast coloured or darker cotton fibres can sometimes be mixed in with the yarns during the spinning process.  Once the denim is woven up & washed back, these imperfections can be more visible in the fabric & look like a small defect. We hope you can appreciate our commitment to supporting more sustainable fibres, fabrics & cotton farming, but if you feel these imperfections are too large or frequent, please get in touch!  I want all my customers to love, wear & pass on our Denims!

We hope you enjoy our denim as much as we do!
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Please see our Denim Care page & the garment Care Label to help you prolong the life of your denim purchases.

Marcella xxx